Arranging Finance for Solicitors Across Ireland for Years.

Your legal practice is also a business. All businesses need financial support – at PRISM we understand the needs of professionals and work hard to fulfil your differing needs.

Focus on Delivering for Your Clients – Let us Take Care of the Rest.

You are operating a legal practice that requires vast amounts of your time, however, you are also operating a business. Whether you are just starting up your own practise or are keen to expand your existing practise, obtaining the right finance is crucial.

As a team of dedicated professionals, we work with legal professionals across Ireland providing key financial services to achieve a sustainable business.


Tax Loans

Setting Up a Practice

Re-Financing Debt

Cash Support During Long Cases


We deal with private practices throughout Ireland including medical, dental and veterinary. We provide business owners the opportunity to grow their business at scale. We do this through analysing the business and recommending the best possible business loan that suits your business model.


Project Management

At PRISM, we pride ourselves on providing top quality service that is appreciated by business owners & professionals. We save our clients time & money through project managing the entire finance operation. Our team will analyse your needs, and go to the market with your specific requirements in mind. Consultas compare all different financial institutions to ensure that the finance is cost effective and also to make sure that the funding will suit your needs

Experienced Professionals

PRISM Consultancy Group is owned and operated by managing directors Niall Kavanagh, John Connelly & Connell Porter. Niall, John and Connell have extensive experience in business banking across all sectors having previously occupied Senior Management positions in Bank of Ireland & Ulster Bank.

Funding Your Solicitors Practice

The Legal Profession is growing rapidly across Ireland in recent years with many solicitors having to specialise in niche areas. This means that there is demand for legal services, however this also means there is increased competition. As a well-run legal firm, it is important that you have the ability to service all opportunities that may arise.

For any business, it is crucial that you know you can count on an advisor to have adequate funding ready in the eventuality of needing finance for your business. Having the adequate funding in place gives you the confidence to drive your business, knowing that you have the financial support that you need.

With PRISM, whether you’re a sole practitioner or a partner in a large legal firm – we have partnerships with all the specialist lenders to ensure that we meet your funding requirements.

Setting Up a Legal Practice

Whether you’re buying into an existing legal practice as a partner, or buying it outright may require substantial investment. It is important that you evaluate the business before any purchase is made. The client numbers, premises, equipment and all contracts need to be taken into consideration before beginning negotiations.

PRISM can help you to buy into an existing practice through a variety of different finance options. The most common method of financing for this particular venture is Secured Lending. This is a loan that is backed by security, in this case it will be the premises of the practice. An alternative can be a partner equity loan. This can be spread out over a long period, which makes it very cost effective over the term of the loan.

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