Retail Finance


Here at PRISM, we have extensive experience in dealing in the retail grocery sector. We negotiate with banks and financial institutions to secure the best terms for your loan. Retail finance is our strong point.

We recognise the significance of the retail sector to the Irish economy, we will work along side your business to ensure objectives and targets are achieved.

From a single property to multi unit businesses, PRISM can support all your financial needs including:

  • Cashflow requirements
  • Equipment financing
  • Unit revamps to new store acquisitions

PRISM Consultancy Group has access to a select number of financial providers throughout the Ireland. We provide expert advice and services to raise the appropriate level of finance, helping you achieve your business property objectives.

Our advisors have the expertise to secure flexible and competitive credit facilities.


Often, retailers need working capital, in the form of a loan or line of credit, to cover shortages in cash flow – especially during the slow seasons each year. But, if you manage your cash flow correctly, then you will not need this.

The biggest drain on your cash flow is inventory. Since your rent and utilities are fixed costs, it’s easy to predict or plan for these. But when it comes to inventory, it’s much harder to predict what will sell and what will not sell when you buy for your store. The fact is, most retail stores have a turnover in its inventory that is slower than the due date of the bill.

For advice on how to finance your business, feel free to contact us today.

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